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This is a big day for me. If you follow my blog, you know that I am a big fan of Ronie Kendig. I never miss one of her books and pretty much spend months looking forward to them before their release date. FALCON was no exception. This book was made even more exciting for me when I found out that I was going to get the chance to interview Ronie!! Seriously, this is so awesome for me. I’m am honored to call Ronie friend as we’ve had many conversations about writing, editing and life. God blessed me with one of the coolest gifts when He brought Ronie into my world. I am still a bit starstruck each time I chat with her. Even thought she is one of the most humble, most down to earth ladies I know! FALCON released this month and I got to ask Ronie some questions about this amazing book. Here’s what she had to say!

Ronie, thanks for chatting about FALCON with me! I thought it was one of your best books to date. I seem to say that a lot about your books, but this one was so far exceeding my expectations… and I have high expectations when it comes to your fantastic writing!

FALCON cover 1

First of all, what do you hope readers get out of FALCON?

As with any of my novels, I pray that readers come away with a sense of hope, that no matter how dire things are in life, they know there is hope in Christ. I’d also like to see readers recognize the important of self-forgiveness, because, sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

What was the hardest thing about writing FALCON?

In all honesty, simply writing. I was so terribly burned out when it came time to get FALCON done, that I literally cried *every* time I sat down to write. I truly leaned on God, and I give Him all credit for the story that lives between the pages of that amazing cover.

What do you love most about Sal and FALCON?

To me, I loved writing Sal because, to many of his teammates, he had it all together. He was an excellent soldier, and he had unwavering dedication to the team. Inside, however, Sal was crumbling. I really like writing raw characters, because I think most of us in the real world are raw in one respect or another. And this book was one I loved because it brought closure to the team, to the series–and that’s always satisfying, in a very bittersweet way.​

Since FALCON is the last in the series (I’m still secretly hoping for Titanis to get his own book), what was your favorite thing about writing this series?

You’re not the only one holding out for Titanis. *grins* I really liked this team of soldiers. They were different from the Nightshade team because they each felt (at least to me) like their own person, with distinct idiosyncrasies that often caused some friction among the team, but also a cohesive unit. They had their beefs with each other, but when it came down to it, nobody mess with their team. 

My last question to you is, HOW COULD YOU?

One line from Aladdin comes to mind: Phenomenal Cosmic Power!!! Itty bitty living space.” Haha. As the author of the series, I saw what was coming, but I was confined to the story arc. But I also wanted readers to know…I’m listening. I hear ya. I’m right there with ya. What I write doesn’t always make me happy. There are things I’d rather not write. But then…the story wouldn’t be real. And Raptor would probably come after me. :-P​

Well, I sure wouldn’t want you to go against Raptor! Thanks for the chat, Ronie!

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No Home for Complacency

I am weary. Weary to the very depths of my being.

Broken and broken hearted.

I am so tired of complacency. Unawareness. Dangerous unawareness.

I think that I am happy. I think things are good. I am complacent. I’ve allowed satan to slowly blind my eyes. To the point where I don’t see the issue. I don’t see the danger.

Then, because He is merciful, God tears away the blinders… and I see.

The mess. The horrible, devastating crippling disaster that I have allowed to happen right in front of me.

It brings me to my knees. How could I have let this happen? How could I have let satan, the ENEMY of my SOUL, get such an anchor in?

Shame, horror, pain and a grief so deep drive me to my knees. I see who I am. I see the rubble. The complete devastation of myself.

I see Him. Through a mirror dimly, but Him. The light of His glory. I see how I have no idea of the size and power of the King I have promised my all to.

The mess can be made clean. The destruction… restoration.

Not by me. Only by Him.

I am done with dangerous unawareness. I am no home for complacency.

The blinders are off and I will fight to keep them off.

Thank you, Lord. The revelation is painful, but I know You are with me in the clean-up. You faithful will remain.

World Moment: Nauru

This is a new feature I’d like to start doing on my blog.  I’d like to take one minute (or so) and give you some information on a random country in the world.  We’re going through a really cool book with our kids called ‘Operation World‘ and I am learning a TON about this world I thought I knew.  I won’t go into a ton of detail.  I’ll leave that to you to investigate if you choose to.  So, here’s the very first country I’ve chosen:


Nauru is a 21 sq km coral island in the South Pacific, and is home to a little over 10,000 people.  One of the coolest things about this amazing little nation is that they shut down offshore banking on the Internet.  Why is that cool? Because the government discovered that it was being used as a front for the money-laundering activities of Russian criminals.  It was a courageous and bold move because it stopped the flow of that money through the country… an amount approaching tens of billions of dollars a year!  They have chosen what is right over getting rich!  What an awesome example they are!  They saw corruption and didn’t just turn their heads but did something about it.

I am praying that they are blessed for this courageous stand!


Thanks for stopping in on my World Moment.  Have you heard of Nauru before?

Nauru family

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful


I’m thinking of giving up make-up.

We are bombarded by images.  Every second commercial has a woman who is trying to ‘turn back time’ and ‘make her lashes longer’ and ‘get fuller hair’.  The message says that we should not EVER be content with our bodies.  Our wrinkles are ugly, our hair is flat, our eyes don’t glow.  We are imperfect.  Yep, we are imperfect but we were made in God’s image.

God looksThe other day my daughter vanishes for a while and reappears all dressed up, hair up and lip chap on.  She comes down from her room asking me for water.  When I innocently inquire what she needs it for, she says ‘I need it to look pretty’.  Confused, I ask how it is going to make her look pretty.  She shows me that she’s going to put it on her fingers and try to get her eyelashes to ‘stand up’.  When she can’t get her hair just perfect, she is saddened nearly to tears.  ‘I want to look pretty for my friends’ she says sadly.

I picture the many times she’s stood in the bathroom with me while I do my make-up.  ‘Mom, what’s that for?’  The common question.  Sadly, my common answer is ‘I don’t really know honey.’  Why do I torture myself trying to curl my eyelashes and then bite back a curse when I stick the stupid mascara wand in my eye?  Why do I agonize over the right color palate?  When did we become not good enough?  Why do my sparkling green eyes need help from a few torturous devices?

I’m running out of time so I’ll get back to my first point.  

I’m thinking of giving up make-up.

I sit my daughter down when she is sad about her hair and say ‘Honey, you are a beautiful girl.  Your friends don’t care if your hair is perfect.  They are coming to play with you because you are fun, loving and wonderful to be with.  Remember, what does God look at?’  She sighs and looks at me with eyes that mirror my own green and says ‘The heart, Mommy.  He looks at the heart.’

Thank you baby, I needed the reminder too.  I would gladly give up make-up to show you that you are beautiful without it… and so am I.


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5-minute Friday1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word. (click on the 5 minute Friday image for the word prompt…it changes every week!)

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Five Minute Friday: After

by Di.Malealea


After a dream.

After a few words.

After  months of agony.

After the joys of words flowing.

After pulling my hair out and threatening my characters with certain death.

After writing ‘The End’.

After spending forever editing with paper and pens.

After reading, rereading, rereading and – you guessed it – more rereading.

After many, many, many early morning writing/editing sessions on my computer with my dear friend, Leslie, on Skype.  (Thank you Leslie!)

I now, just today, gaze at the after of editing.  I’ve now polished my story as much as I can without help.  I’m nervous about what comes next.

However, soon I’ll be looking at the after of whatever step comes next. Exhilarating!

Thank you Lord for the befores, the middles and the afters!

I look forward to seeing where You’ll take me from here.


Want to get in on the awesomeness that is Five Minute Friday?

Let’s write… unscripted, unedited, unchained.  Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right!

Here’s how:

5-minute Friday1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word. (click on the 5 minute Friday image for the word prompt…it changes every week!)

2. Link back to Lisa-Jo’s blog (and don’t forget to invite others to join in).

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Just Keep Breathing

By shawnzrossi

How many times have You heard me cry out “God please take this!”?

How many times have You given me strength to just keep breathing?

“Oh I need you, God I need you now!”

So many times I’ve cried out the same thing.

“God, please take this!  Take the pain, take the sorrow, take the tears!”

Yet… sometimes His answer is to help me through the next day of pain, the next hour of sorrow, the next minute of tears.

Thank you God for your strength and mercy.

Praying for those who are in the shadow of pain, sorrow and tears.

‘Weeping may tarry for the night,

but joy comes with the morning.’

Psalm 30:5

So many songs can help us when we’re walking through tough times.  

Do you have one (or more) that really helps you?


Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

It’s Friday and I have so missed Five Minute Friday!  So glad to be back in to it today.  Stay tuned for all the details on how you can get in on the weekly fun!


Photo by Craig Hilts {Prairie Fire Photography}


It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, the rat-race… the ordinary of life.

We run from one activity to the next to the next, hardly letting our feet touch the ground, until we finally drop into bed at the end of night and allow sleep to claim us.

We miss the beauty in the ordinary because we’ve forgotten to look for it.

I sit in the yard with my kids in summer and they marvel at everything.  Everything is amazing.  Butterflies, spider webs (cringe), ants, bubbles… I could go on.

How often do you drive to work while the sun rises?  How often do you actually sit and look at a sunrise or sunset?  The sun rises and the sun sets.   It happens every day.  Ordinary… but in the midst of that ‘ordinary’ is the extraordinary.  The beauty.  The sunrise could be blue.  The sunset pink.  They could be a single color… but they’re not.  Instead the sky flares as though fire courses through the clouds hovering above.  Colors soar, highlights ignite.  Painted with a loving hand, the sight waits for us to just pay attention.  To steal our breath away, if only for a moment.

We often get 5 feet of snow in the winter where I’m from.  I don’t care for snow.  Except the days when the snowflakes are huge and drift lazily, carelessly to the ground.  I forget that there is so much beauty in the ‘ordinary’ of snow.  Look at the above image.  Take it in.  Each and every pile of snow has countless numbers of these beauties.

I want to focus on seeing the beauty in the Ordinary.


So, here’s the scoop.  Every friday, at the prompting of our fearless leader Lisa-Jo, we write for five minute on the word prompt she provides here.

We just write, without worrying that it’s just right.  Unedited, unscripted, unpredictable.

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I’d love to hear from you if you decide to join in!  I’d love to be able to see what you have to say!

Also, stop by Prairie Fire Photography and see the awesome images that Craig Hilts has captured!!  Click here!

5-minute Friday