World Moment: Nauru

This is a new feature I’d like to start doing on my blog.  I’d like to take one minute (or so) and give you some information on a random country in the world.  We’re going through a really cool book with our kids called ‘Operation World‘ and I am learning a TON about this world I thought I knew.  I won’t go into a ton of detail.  I’ll leave that to you to investigate if you choose to.  So, here’s the very first country I’ve chosen:


Nauru is a 21 sq km coral island in the South Pacific, and is home to a little over 10,000 people.  One of the coolest things about this amazing little nation is that they shut down offshore banking on the Internet.  Why is that cool? Because the government discovered that it was being used as a front for the money-laundering activities of Russian criminals.  It was a courageous and bold move because it stopped the flow of that money through the country… an amount approaching tens of billions of dollars a year!  They have chosen what is right over getting rich!  What an awesome example they are!  They saw corruption and didn’t just turn their heads but did something about it.

I am praying that they are blessed for this courageous stand!


Thanks for stopping in on my World Moment.  Have you heard of Nauru before?

Nauru family