Five Minute Friday: Willing


It’s Five Minute Friday!  Where I (and a large community of bloggers) write for five minutes.  No editing, no overthinking, no backtracking.  Here I…


I’m willing to try to find beauty and joy in winter.  I figure I should at least try… considering we get about six months of it.

To see the beauty in the mountains of snow, bitter cold and endless white.  I’ve been struggling with it.  I know that this season, like all seasons, are a creation of the Creator.  I’m sure that winter is good for many reasons.

Sadly, I have trouble finding those reasons.  Sure the kids can go out and build snowmen and toboggan… but it’s so cold.  The need for 15 layers drives the fun out of that experience for me.

We got (my snow-blowing hubby says ‘a foot’) though I swear it was closer to 3 feet of snow in the last two day.  I was grumbling and whining and maligning the snow and it’s efforts to hamper my journey through the city.

But then, a ray of sunshine.  Well, not actually sunshine… but a Facebook post.  My favourite photographer posted some images that caught my eye and stole my breath.

Craig snowflake 2

Magnificence.  Yes, Craig Hilts is super talented and, I’m sure, could make garbage look beautiful… but these are stunning not only because of the talented photographer but because of their creation.  Look at the image above.  Look at the lines, the craftsmanship that has gone into that one, tiny snowflake.  Not one is the same as it’s cold neighbour.  Each with it’s own intricacies and beauty.  Stunning.

To think that I have billions of these little works of art in my yard -in my city.  It’s like living with an art gallery in my own yard.  Suddenly, I don’t have to work so hard to be willing to see the beauty and joy in winter.  Suddenly, it’s everywhere.

Thanks Craig.


You can find Craig’s website HERE!  The awesomeness doesn’t just stop with snowflakes.  Oh no.  He’s got some amazing photos.  Go visit his website… you can thank me later!  😉  Here’s a whole series of snowflake shots that Craig took.  They are just too awesome not to share.

Craig snowflake1 Craig snowflake Craig snowflake 7 Craig snowflake 6 Craig snowflake 5 Craig snowflake 4 Craig snowflake 3So beautiful!  (Keep scrolling for some more images that Craig took!)  Thanks for joining me for Five Minute Friday.  It’s been a while since I did one of these.  This is the time of the week where we just write for five minutes without worrying if it’s just right.  🙂  Unedited (YIKES) and unscripted.  Just five minutes to free-write.  Want to join us?  The rules are simple!

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Craig bubble Craig bubble 2 Craig bubble 1


Weather Wednesday

Click the photo to see more awesomeness!

Click to enlarge!  Trust me, you want to!

Photo credit to Greg Johnson (Tornado Hunter).  Look at those amazing clouds!  I could look at this picture all day and still be fascinated by the clouds!  Click here to see more from the awesome Tornado Hunter team:

What is your favourite weather phenomenon?  If any of you say snow… I might throw up!  😉


World Moment: Grenada


Granada flagGranada is a large island north of Trinidad.  The population is just over 100,000.  In 2004 and 2005, hurricanes devastated the island.  While fewer than 40 people were killed, 90% of the nations buildings were destroyed, and the agriculture and tourism sectors were virtually annihilated.  They have been rebuilt, but the nation is deeply in debt as a result.

The ocean life also required support after the hurricanes and was assisted in a very cool way.  Artist Jason de Caires Taylor created an underwater sculpture garden to help support the reef and encourage growth and habitation of marine life.  Here’s a very cool photo of some of his work in Grenada!

Underwater Sculpture GardenWe can pray for this nation to continue to rebuild and to trust in God, rather than material things.

Granadian Woman




Five Minute Friday: Beautiful


I’m thinking of giving up make-up.

We are bombarded by images.  Every second commercial has a woman who is trying to ‘turn back time’ and ‘make her lashes longer’ and ‘get fuller hair’.  The message says that we should not EVER be content with our bodies.  Our wrinkles are ugly, our hair is flat, our eyes don’t glow.  We are imperfect.  Yep, we are imperfect but we were made in God’s image.

God looksThe other day my daughter vanishes for a while and reappears all dressed up, hair up and lip chap on.  She comes down from her room asking me for water.  When I innocently inquire what she needs it for, she says ‘I need it to look pretty’.  Confused, I ask how it is going to make her look pretty.  She shows me that she’s going to put it on her fingers and try to get her eyelashes to ‘stand up’.  When she can’t get her hair just perfect, she is saddened nearly to tears.  ‘I want to look pretty for my friends’ she says sadly.

I picture the many times she’s stood in the bathroom with me while I do my make-up.  ‘Mom, what’s that for?’  The common question.  Sadly, my common answer is ‘I don’t really know honey.’  Why do I torture myself trying to curl my eyelashes and then bite back a curse when I stick the stupid mascara wand in my eye?  Why do I agonize over the right color palate?  When did we become not good enough?  Why do my sparkling green eyes need help from a few torturous devices?

I’m running out of time so I’ll get back to my first point.  

I’m thinking of giving up make-up.

I sit my daughter down when she is sad about her hair and say ‘Honey, you are a beautiful girl.  Your friends don’t care if your hair is perfect.  They are coming to play with you because you are fun, loving and wonderful to be with.  Remember, what does God look at?’  She sighs and looks at me with eyes that mirror my own green and says ‘The heart, Mommy.  He looks at the heart.’

Thank you baby, I needed the reminder too.  I would gladly give up make-up to show you that you are beautiful without it… and so am I.


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Until We Meet Again Noel

Dear friends,

thank you for your outpouring of prayer and support for Caleb and Alex.  They feel it all.  Thank you for sharing Noel’s story all over the world.  I am amazed at how many countries have been, and are, being touched by Noel’s life!


There are many of you mourning with Caleb and Alex and they have been kind enough to work out a way for everyone to be present at her homecoming service, if you so chose.  If you would like to view the homecoming service, it is happening tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 10:00 am MDT.  You can click on the grey link below and the video will begin as soon as the page is loaded beginning at 10:00am.  You do not need to log in to view the live feed.  If you cannot be there for the live feed, there will be a YouTube posting after the service.  (I will link the YouTube video as soon as it is available.)

Homecoming Service Link

Please continue to pray for Caleb, Alex and all those who love Noel as they say goodbye for now.  I join with them joyfully in the knowledge that we will see precious Noel again.  Thank you Lord!

‘Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.’ ~ Hebrews 10:23

‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’ ~ Hebrews 11:1

Please feel free to continue to leave prayers and messages for Caleb and Alex.  

Also, please consider making a donation to Noel’s medical (and funeral) costs by clicking the green link below.

Caleb and Alex fund.

A year after Noel went home, I ask Caleb and Alex some questions about the journey… here are their answers!

This is a wonderful song that I find so encouraging.  I love the lyrics.

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Blessings, Sarah