Weather Wednesday

Well now, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Weather Wednesday.  Who the heck wants to see me whining about winter weather?  Not I.  So, here we are!!  This is NOT about winter weather.

Today sees the first severe weather threat in our province!  If you know my blog, you know I’ve been waiting for storm season to arrive.  Reed Timmer just flew in and he and Sean Schofer will be out chasing in the Dominator 3!  You know when Reed arrives, makes a trip to Canada, that things are going to probably be pretty interesting.


Reed, Sean and Mike from last summer.

I’m so excited that the chasers are here today!  Can’t wait to watch the live streams and see what’s going to happen today!  Also chasing today are two of my favourite local chase teams!  Craig Hilts and Team Tornado Hunter!  I’ve been waiting eight months for Craig Hilts, Greg Johnson, Ricky Forbes and Chris Chittick to finally start chasing locally!


Craig Hilts. I want a photo of me in front of a storm like that!


Greg Johnson ~ Tornado Hunter. Miss the helmet!

RFD Ricky

Ricky Forbes ~ Tornado Hunter Driver. ‘

Chris Chittick

Chris Chittick ~ Tornado Hunter Photographer. 

This is an exciting day, even if I don’t see anything!  Storm season is here and I’m hoping it will be a dynamic one!!  Here’s a few of my favourite photos.  Can’t wait to see some sweet structure this summer! ~Sarah

Beautiful SK storm by Andrea Clarke (

Beautiful SK storm by Andrea Clarke (


Awesome photo by Craig Hilts of Prairie Fire Photography (

Bolt from the Blue

‘Bolt from the Blue’ by Craig Hilts of Prairie Fire Photography (

Storm barn july 24-13

Awesome storm shot by Greg Johnson (


Wicked storm structure by Greg Johnson (

Let’s chat:  I’d love to hear if you’re excited for storm season, or if you would rather storm season stayed away?  Where are you and what kind of storms do you normally see?


4 thoughts on “Weather Wednesday

  1. Angi says:

    I know I really don’t even have to answer this question *wink*, but yes, I’m glad that storm season is FINALLY here and I’m enjoying every awesome minute that there’s one in our area. Usually we have the normal garden variety of storms pass through, but every now and then, we get something a bit more spectacular. Here’s hoping you have an awesome storm season, Sarah, and that all of the chasers out there stay safe while doing what they love best!

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