‘Beowulf’ by Ronie Kendig ~ A Review


Former Navy handler Timbrel Hogan has more attitude than her Explosives Detection Dog, Beowulf, but she’s a tough woman who gets the job done. Green Beret Tony “Candyman” VanAllen likes a challenge and convincing the hard-hitting handler they belong together might just get him killed.

When tragedy strikes and Tony’s career is jeopardized, Timbrel must re-evaluate her priorities—and fast! A terrorist plots to unleash a weapon of mass destruction on American soil. Can Timbrel and Beowulf track the chemicals in time? Will Tony surrender everything to save the woman nobody believes in?

Ronie Kendig is my favourite author.  I admit that it has taken me a while to get to the point where I could say definitively who my favourite is, but I’m there now.  I can say with certainty that, while I have many authors I enjoy thoroughly, Ronie never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat and desperate for the next book release date!

‘Beowulf’ certainly didn’t leave me wanting.  In fact, Beowulf had an intenseness that I didn’t really expect.  Now, with a title like ‘Rapid-fire fiction’, you can be assured that it’s going to be fast paced and ‘Beowulf’ is no exception.  This story also puts the reader into the inner-workings of a terrorist cell. I found this to be quite a different story from the others in this series.  Each story in this trilogy deals with war, but this one impacted me more with this point of view.  I was fascinated and saddened at the same time.  I can’t imagine how hard this point-of-view must have been to write.

The main characters are awesome!  This is no surprise to you if you’ve ever read a Ronie Kendig book before.  Tony is an amazing hero.  I’ve been a huge fan of Tony ‘Candyman’ VanAllan since he first appeared with his swagger and taunted Timbrel.  Timbrel Hogan is a strong, tough woman.  She needs no one and nothing except her explosives detection dog, Beowulf.  Timbrel, who seems beyond strong, is so soft for this dog of hers.  She lets no-one in to her space except Beowulf.  Tony isn’t one to give up easily, and is up to the fight or so he thinks.  Both dog and handler seem to want nothing to do with Tony. Can he get past Timbrel’s defences and, harder yet, Beowulf?

Timbrel and Tony have to work together in spite of the tension between the two of them.  There is much more at stake than Timbrel’s pride and Tony’s attraction.  A search leads to failure but Timbrel is behind Beowulf and knows something more is going on.  Tony is hit with something that threatens all that he is and Timbrel is desperate to prove both herself and Beowulf.  Will they both be able to see past themselves to what they need to do and what God has in mind for them?

‘Beowulf’ is a fast-paced, adrenaline ride! He will draw you in with the first bark and he will not release you until the final page, and then you’ll be begging for more! If you’ve read the first two in the series ‘Trinity’ and ‘Talon’ then you need to pick this one up! If not, you can start here and then I know you’ll want to read the first two!  (Click on the names of the books above in order to read my reviews of the first two.)

Ronie Kendig knows how to write!  Boy, is that an understatement!  You can almost feel the sweat drip down your neck as you scour buildings in Afghanistan and feel the numbing cold of mountain passes. Once you go Rapid-Fire Fiction, you’ll never look back!

***** (five out of five stars for sure)

˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜Ronie KendigYou can get ‘Beowulf’ (and his Military War Dog pals here):





Also, you can find the awesome Ronie Kendig on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and on her website!

I also must note that I cannot wait for RAPTOR 6 by Ronie to arrive in May!!  I’m so excited to read this one!
Raptor 6.1


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