National Post editorial board: The form of a servant

While it may not all be quite right, this is a beautiful post about Christmas. I love the comparison to the ‘gods’ of old and their constant desire for more and more power at the expense of humanity.

“At Christmastime, Christians mark the greatest relinquishing: the omnipotent creator who chose to enter his creation as a helpless baby, the infinite accepting the finitude of time and space, the eternal constraining himself in history.”


Christ Emptied Himself

National Post | Full Comment

In October, Forbes magazine, which has something of a penchant for making lists – Top-earning dead celebrities! Best cities for singles! — determined that Russia’s once and current (and likely future) president, Vladimir Putin, is the world’s most powerful person. It was an obvious choice, as Putin outfoxed the Americans and Europeans both at home and abroad and is now at the height of his power, but no less remarkable for being that. The No. 1 position on the power list is customarily the U.S. president, but not this year. Power is there for taking, and Putin took it.

Yet two figures this year drew attention for not taking power, but freely relinquishing it.

In February, Pope Benedict XVI did something no legitimately-elected pope has ever done without being pressured to do so — abdicate. In December, Nelson Mandela’s death brought renewed attention to his remarkable life. He was widely…

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