31 Days: Day 13 ~ My Playlist

Good Morning!  Thanks for checking out my 31 Days posts!  If you haven’t checked out days 1-12, you can find them linked HERE!

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Today, I’d like to share a few of my favourite writing songs.  Some, I admit, I just put on repeat.  I currently have 45 songs on my list, so I will not be sharing them all.

The Piano Guys make many appearances on my playlist.  Here’s a few of my favourites to write to.

These were frequently was played when I was working on some of the harder moments for Kate and Chris.

This one is awesome for those fast paced fight scenes:

I used this one for quite a few scenes.  There’s a lot of drama.

This is one of few songs that are on my playlist with lyrics.  I use them often when the words are flowing and I wasn’t worried about the lyrics staunching the words.

This is still The Piano Guys but with features Spencer Schmidt.  This is a light, romantic song that often brightened the light moments with Kate and Chris.

I just love the sound of this one.  There’s a lot of joy in this song and a sense of relief which was key for Kate and Chris many times.

And the amazing Lindsey Stirling who I’ve also thought would play Kate fantastically!  See my post HERE on that.  🙂

There are many, many more on my playlist but I won’t make this a 3 hour post!  I hope that some of these songs inspire you!

From Pinterest

Let’s Talk:  If you’re a music person while you write, what’s on your playlist?


I'm doing 31 days


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