31 Days: Day 11~ What do you want to know

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Good morning everyone!  Thanks for coming back to check out day 11 on this 31 day journey.  If you’ve missed days 1-10, you can check them out HERE!

Today I’m going to post a bit more on my story.

Chris raised his face towards the sun and looked at the cloudy sky.  He was so glad to be alive.

He heard a footstep beside him half a heartbeat before a blade was at his neck.

“You really should pay more attention to your surroundings Chris.  Getting arrogant will get you killed.”

Chris anger ramped up.  He’d heard this voice before.

 “Where is she, Blaze?”  Chris asked as he heard more footsteps approaching.  His hand clenched on his sword in his sheath.

 “Let me tell you something Chris.”  Blaze’s whisper sounded pleased.  “She fought well.  She never even begged for her life as I dug a blade into her.  She whispered your name as I bound her and left her in a burning building.  She was quite the warrior and even got one good shot in on me.  You would have been proud.”  Blazes’ voice burned into his chest.  Fury ignited and the world went red around Chris, but he forced thought to remain.  Getting himself killed would help no one.

Honestly, I’m a bit concerned that I won’t have enough to talk about for 20 more days…  Thankfully today looks like it will be low key and so I’ll take some time to knock out some more topics for discussion.  I could just keep sharing my book, but I want there to be some mystery!

Tell me, is there anything you want to know?  I am FAR from a pro at writing.  I’m just feeling this all out myself.  If you have questions though, I’m willing to do my best to answer them!

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