31 Days: Day 10 ~ Write What You Love

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Welcome to day 10 on this 31 day journey into writing.  If you’ve missed days 1-9, you can find them HERE!

Do you love fantasy novels?

Are you a sci-fi fan?

Do you sigh over a good romance novel?

Then write it!

Chances are there is a genre that, though you may delve into others, you spend a lot of time reading in.  Once we find a favourite genre, we tend to seek out more of that kind.  You probably even chose movies or TV shows based on that preference.

It stands to reason that, unless you were inspired otherwise, you’ll probably write best in that genre.


Many authors do a lot of research.  It’s not always manuals or on the internet.  You have probably spent many more hours on research than you even think.  Each and every book you’ve read has been research.  You’ve developed a taste for what intrigues you in a story and what doesn’t.

Right now, take a moment to think about a few things in each category.

What do you enjoy in a story?  What makes you stay up late in the night?  What features of a story drive you to devour a book like the most delicious dessert?  For me, a few key things pop into mind.  I like a heroine who is strong, but yet still feminine.  Someone who can kick butt and can also show emotion.  My heroes have to be strong and determined to do what’s right.  Give me a hero who is very masculine and yet has a soft spot for the girl.  I love, yep LOVE, romantic tension.  The fight against emotion that could lead to happiness or heartbreak.

Now, consider what, to you, makes a book unreadable.  What makes you want to  put a book down and never pick it up again?  What frustrates you?  There can be a huge list of things that you can think of, but what are some of the big ones?  Here’s my short-list.  First and foremost, a weak hero.  I can’t stand a hero who’s wishy-washy, someone who can’t make a decision without whining about it.  Someone who makes the wrong decision over and over.  Also, dry dialogue.  I know that dialogue is vital to a story, but pages and pages of background without any action makes me flip through.  I may miss something that I should know, but I want action interspersed with the dialogue.  Wait, am I supposed to say dialogue interspersed with action?  😉

Real writer

So, once you know your lists, you’re well on your way to knowing what kind of book you want to write.  Write what you want to read!  If you want to read it, there are probably others who feel the exact same way!

Let’s talk:  What genre do you love?  What do you love and hate in a book?



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