31 Days: Day 9 ~ Miscellaneous Day

Show themWell, I made it a whole 9 days before my brain stopped coming up with ideas.  That’s something, I guess.  I got about 10 minutes sleep last night because I was up with a sick little one so I’m feeling a little worn.  It’s also my birthday so I’m giving myself a bit of slack.  If you’re just joining me today and would like to check out days 1-8, you can find them linked HERE!

Today I thought I would post a clip from my book, a few of my favourite writing quotes and then play a game with you.  🙂  Don’t freak out.  It’s not complicated!

People scattered before his horse; some crying out in alarm and several in anger.  Chris ignored them all and raced for the Council Hall.  Drawing up in front of the hall he leapt off Apollo and ran to the doors.  As he burst in, his father and the council looked up.  “Chris!”  Marcus exclaimed and moved towards him.

“They’re coming!”  Chris called.

 No one had to ask what he was talking about.  Everyone stood and moved towards the doors.

 “Don’t allow panic.  Make sure that the right people know and they will move how they should.  We can’t allow panic to make us disorganized.”  Mathias called.  Heads nodded as they moved out into the sun.

 Marcus walked over to Chris and set a hand on his shoulder.  “Did you get to her?”

 Agony afresh ripped through Chris and he felt his chest tighten.  They had always been close and Marcus’ hand tightened on his shoulder.

 “I couldn’t…”  Chris paused as his words caught in his throat.  He swallowed back the nausea.

 Marcus nodded.  “The trap may have just been for us Chris.”

 Chris was silent.  He knew deep down that Kate was in trouble.

I know, I know, I’m mean.  I shall leave you in suspense for a while longer.  Here’s a few quotes that I love.

doubt in writing scared to death Why I writeI really, really like the last one.  Though I’d need to kidnap only famous actors or it probably wouldn’t turn out exactly how I see it in my head.

So, here’s the game.  I told you it would be easy and it is.  Here are the rules.

1. Grab the closest novel to you.

2. Turn to page 52.

3. Find the fifth sentence and comment it here.

DON’T post the name of the book, or anything else about it, just the one sentence.  Also, please keep it G-rated.  If it isn’t G-rated, I give you permission to grab the nearest G-rated book.  I hope you’ll play!  Make it my birthday present!  🙂

Here’s mine:  “Chris stormed around the room, trying to shut out the anger and fear so that he could think rationally.”


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11 thoughts on “31 Days: Day 9 ~ Miscellaneous Day

  1. homemom1001 says:

    “We want to host you at a great meal and seal our friendship.”

  2. griperang says:

    Happy Birthday and hope your little one is better. Here is the quote from my book I am reading: “I wasn’t entirely pleased with the stonework, which looked too much like a crazy quilt to suit me.”

  3. Tanya M. says:

    Awww what a fun game! Too bad it’s 5:50am and my husband is still asleep. I’m sitting here typing in the dark, so I’ll have to come back and play later. 😉

  4. how perfect!!! I just ran across your site while searching for good quoits!
    its now on my favorites list 😉

    I’m an aspiring writer myself. And this post of yours made me feel quite encouraged. so thank you for that!

    as for your game here’s my quote, sorry ahead of time for its length:

    He seriously wanted to see Sara again, but the only sure way to get her last name he rejected because he would feel foolish-it said something not too pleasant about his ego.

    • sarahssundry says:

      Hey Eliza, thanks for coming by! There will be a lot more on writing this year too as I delve into a second edit and maybe brave the publishing world if the Lord wills it.

      Wishing you a ton of success on your writing!

      That is a great quote! Thanks for sharing!

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