31 Days: Day 7 ~ Villainous Intentions

31 days buttonWelcome back to my 31 Days of Sneak Peeks (and writing tips).  If you’re just joining me, you can find days 1-6 linked HERE!

Yesterday I shared a bit about my villain, Blaze!  As dark and insidious as my villain is, I love Blaze as a character.  He’s the worst kind.  Power-hungry and driven by forces inside that are dark as night.  I didn’t think I had it in me to write a character so dark.  He’s bordering on the psychotic and I’m not sure what that says about me.  😉  Kate and Chris were easy to write because they are much more who I am.  I’m not a dark person, so writing characters who are trying to do the right thing is easy.  Blaze was much more difficult, and interesting, to write.  I say interesting because I’m not used to thinking in such dark ways.  It was interesting to see a situation arise in the book and say ‘now how would Blaze handle that’?  Blaze is very charming, calculating and clever and it was a challenge to make sure he reacted just right to the situation.  I wasn’t sure that I was going to share this but I really wanted to so…

Blaze Collage 1

I’m going to post a bit more about Blaze and the dire situation he put Kate into.  This is shortly after the section I posted yesterday, yet much more has gone on that I will leave for you to find out when you read it.  (There’s that optimism again!)  I’ll also throw in a bit more about Chris because the pieces go well together.

Blaze drew near and she saw the fire reflected in his eyes.  It was fitting, for inside burnt a fire more dangerous than any physical flame.  “They say that the most horrible death is to be burnt alive.  Do you fear it, Kate?  Can you feel the flames?”  His other arm snaked around her and locked her arms to her side.  Agony ricocheted through every cell as he pulled her against himself.  “Goodbye, Kate.”  Blaze leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.  She cried out in disgust. He pulled away abruptly, digging his fist into her wounded side.  She reeled with the explosive pain and she saw his fist coming towards her. 

 “Chris.”  She whispered.

 There was an explosion of fresh pain and then darkness.˜˜


Chris cursed into to the sky as he raced along on horseback.  To his left there was a force of about two hundred men, riding hard.  On his right, the rest of the enemy army made its way towards the people he loved.  He had been right.  It had been a trap for her… and him.

 He had decided at the last minute to ride the ridge and though he was grateful he’d spotted them, he was crushed that he’d had to make a choice.  To get to Kate he would have to abandon his people, his family.  He had ridden fast, gone through two horses already, trading them when his were spent.  His whole ride was spent thinking about her, needing to have her safe with him.  Now, just when he was getting close, he had to abandon her.

The curse burst out of his mouth with explosive force.  “I’m sorry Kate.”  He knew she would understand, but he was burning with rage.  He spurred his horse on, pushing it beyond what he should.  He had family to warn.

After this the story picks up pace and I love putting them through twist after twist.  I’ll share more in the days to come but for now I’ll leave you hanging on and wondering what is going to happen.

After all, that’s what a good story-teller does right?  *evil laugh*



6 thoughts on “31 Days: Day 7 ~ Villainous Intentions

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  2. Angi says:

    Gracious! Leave me hanging is right! Awesome post, Sarah! And I’m smiling over your evil laugh. 🙂

  3. griperang says:

    I want to say you are not nice for leaving us hanging but I can’t say that – but the more I read the more I want to read. I think your book will be hit.

  4. Tanya M. says:

    What a teaser! I’m tempted to wait until October 31st to read all your posts at once. These bits and pieces one day at a time are too much for me – in a good way. All right now, I’m hanging on…

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