31 Days: Day 6 ~ The Bad Guy

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Welcome to Day 6!  Yep, I’ve almost made it a whole week.  Thank you to those of you who are on this ride with me and to those that are just joining me.  If you’ve missed day 1 to 5, you can find them HERE!

Today is going to be a bit shorter since this is my crazy day!  I’d like to take today and introduce you to my villain.

A villain is a tough character to write.  You need to determine what kind of bad guy you want.  Do you want your villain to be dark and misunderstood and therefore the reader is somewhat sympathetic?  Or would you prefer your villain to be evil and power hungry, someone that it truly vile?  One of my favourite villains from the movies is Loki from Thor and The Avengers.  He was fantastically written (and amazingly acted).


However, I didn’t want my villain to be like him.  Loki was so charming that I found myself secretly rooting for him.  (Don’t judge me!)  🙂 My villain had to be evil.  Dark, power hungry and truly scary.  I want him to be a villain that the reader really hates.  No sympathy for my bad guy.  He shows no mercy, no compassion and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  A villain that seems soulless.  I hope that I achieved that.  This is just a clip and it doesn’t show the full extent of Blaze’s psychology, but I think it gives you a good idea of his character.

Blaze dug the knife dug into her side and twisted.  Excruciating pain shot through her and she screamed.  Unconsciousness rode on the pain and she blacked out.  The relief was short though, as the men holding her released her to fall to the floor and the jolt shifted the knife.  Desperate for relief she grabbed the knife, clenched her jaw and pulled it out.  A moan escaped and she felt tears flowing down her cheeks.  A boot kicked her hand and the knife was ripped out of her grasp, leaving her hand shaking and defenceless. 

 Blaze knelt beside her and wrapped his hand in her hair.  Pulling her head back he leaned in and brushed her cheek with his.  A chuckle resounded through the abbey.  “Do you have anything you want to say?  Do you want to beg yet?”  He whispered in her ear, satisfaction coating his words.  Salt in an already agonizing wound.

Kate’s situation is pretty bad.  Writing this section had my heart going.  Even I wasn’t sure how Kate was going to get out of it.  That’s the thing about my characters.  They dictated the flow of the book.  The situations and conversations.  It’s pretty crazy when the writer is just along for the ride.  Here’s a quote that I found totally appropriate for my writing.  Perhaps it is for yours as well?

writing schizophrenia



7 thoughts on “31 Days: Day 6 ~ The Bad Guy

  1. Tanya M. says:

    Ha! Oh man, that quote. It’s great!!! And Blaze, dang! He’s so mean. I hate him already.

  2. Angi says:

    Oh my goodness! Sarah! That Blaze is a nasty guy! Great job!

  3. griperang says:

    Holy Cow – I think Blaze is a person that you love to hate because he is so bad. I want to know what happened to Kate. Very good sneak peek today.

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