31 Days of Sneak Peeks: Day 3

Good Morning everyone!  Whew.  I am so behind.  I planned to have this blog post ready by yesterday, but life gets busy!

31 days redone smallToday, I’m going to show you what I picture my hero and heroine to look like.  The dream that began this story originally had Chris Hemsworth in it, so I have always known what Chris looks like.  Kate was a little bit more of a challenge.  I had an image for her in my head but couldn’t find a picture of exactly how I thought she would look.  Until one day I ran across the phenomenal Lindsey Stirling.  Not only is she so extremely talented, she was also the perfect Kate!  I was so excited!  Chris and Kate are the main characters in my book and you’ve been introduced to them already.  I wish I’d had these ready for the first two days but at least I have them now.  🙂

Here’s a short clip and then the pictures will follow.

Her heart was heavy as she walked from the archery field.  There was no way her father was calling her with good news.  Lead weighed her steps down as she walked into the room.  Her mother was absent from the room which made her even more nervous.  Her father was somewhat restrained when her mother was present.  Together Kate and her father were like oil and water.  Kate was always the dutiful daughter but she had lost most of her childhood love for him as she grew.  Her obedience was bought through fear.  Fear of the ever changing mood of her father, the wrath barely held in check.

Kate CollageKate is strong and yet more fragile than she likes to think.  She’s young but knows her own mind.  Her father is her weakness.  He has her under his thumb and knows it.  You’ll see my villain in a few days and learn that Kate has some serious obstacles to face.  Unless you’re a writer, you may not get this next statement.  I love Kate.  I love her flaws and strengths and it’s not because I wrote her.  It seemed some days like I was just following her around, like a reporter, and she was showing me what to write.  (No, I’m not crazy!) Ask most authors and you’ll hear the same thing from them.

Chris CollageChris is strong and confident.  He’s suffered loss in his life but has worked hard to rise above them.  Anger at the loss of his brother can cause him to be a bit quick in his temper, but he is a good man.  Nearly unmatched with a sword, he is a skilled warrior.  I look forward to giving you more insight into the relationship that he and Kate have.  I love the complexity of relationships and Kate and Chris have more than their fair share.  I love the quiet confidence that Chris has and yet, he surprised me at many turns with how he’d react in a situation.

Writing is an amazing journey.  I know that everyone’s experiences are unique, but I truly loved mine.  Most days.  I’ll share a bit about my journey in the days to come and hopefully I can encourage others who are struggling where I did.  The struggle is always worth it!  The triumph made that much sweeter through the agony!

Thanks again for stopping by!  If you missed day 1 and 2, you can find them HERE!  I hope that you’ll take this whole journey with me.  🙂



8 thoughts on “31 Days of Sneak Peeks: Day 3

  1. Angi says:

    A bit of the mysterious today. 😉 And I totally got your statement about following your character around for a few days like a reporter. Awesome! Great job, Sarah!

  2. Tanya M. says:

    So fascinating. I’m so intrigued by this whole process of writing a novel. I’m really going to enjoy this journey with you. Hurry up, day 4….

  3. griperang says:

    I like the background that you gave on your characters, I understand about you loving them. It is kind of funny that you mentioned Lindsey as your Kate. I say this because my husband came home the other night and played something of her’s that he heard on pandora and he fell in love with her music and has now bought her whole album on itunes. I had never heard of her before but I too enjoyed her music

  4. […] of all, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that the story I am working on has a strong and brave heroine in it that I’ve determined is an awesome match […]

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