World Moment: Grenada


Granada flagGranada is a large island north of Trinidad.  The population is just over 100,000.  In 2004 and 2005, hurricanes devastated the island.  While fewer than 40 people were killed, 90% of the nations buildings were destroyed, and the agriculture and tourism sectors were virtually annihilated.  They have been rebuilt, but the nation is deeply in debt as a result.

The ocean life also required support after the hurricanes and was assisted in a very cool way.  Artist Jason de Caires Taylor created an underwater sculpture garden to help support the reef and encourage growth and habitation of marine life.  Here’s a very cool photo of some of his work in Grenada!

Underwater Sculpture GardenWe can pray for this nation to continue to rebuild and to trust in God, rather than material things.

Granadian Woman





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