‘Dark Halo’ by Shannon Dittemore ~ A review and a giveaway

dark halo blog tour

One halo brought sight to Brielle. Another offers sweet relief from what she sees.

Brielle can’t help but see the Celestial realm. Even without the halo, it’s everywhere she looks. And with the heavens above Stratus ravaged by war, Brielle wishes for another gift, any gift. Because Jake is gone. The only boy she’s ever loved has been taken by the demon, Damien—and she knows if she ever wants to see him again, she must fight.
But fighting is so hard when everything you see makes you afraid.

When she receives instructions from the Throne Room leading her to Jake, she unknowingly walks into a diabolical and heartbreaking trap. Then the Prince of Darkness himself offers Brielle a halo of his own making. With the dark halo, she won’t have to see the fear and brokenness that surround her. She’ll be free of that unbearable burden. And it comes with a promise: the guarantee of a life with Jake.

When confusing details about Jake’s past emerge, and the battle above reaches a fever pitch, Brielle is forced to make a choice. Will she choose the dark halo and the ignorance that comes with it, or will she choose to live with her eyes wide open and trust the Creator’s design—even if it means a future without Jake?

Release Date: August 20, 2013 ~ 320 pages: which is no where near long enough once you reach the end! 😉

Welcome to my stop on the Dark Halo blog tour.  I hope that you enjoy my review and pick up your own copy of Dark Halo!

I went into this book with high expectations!  If you haven’t read Angel Eyes or Broken Wings you’ll probably want to start there.  Click on the titles to be taken to my reviews.  I stumbled upon Angel Eyes and was so taken with it.  Broken Wings left me hanging and I could not wait to get my hands on Dark Halo!

I was not disappointed.

A heavenly battle rages and Brielle’s world is about to become aware of just how real it is.  Jake is missing and Brielle is afraid.

This book is so action packed that it was nearly impossible to put down.  It’s been years since I’ve devoted hours on end to a book, but Dark Halo sent me to a quiet spot in my home for many back-to-back hours.

Brielle has a heart stopping decision in Dark Halo and I found myself begging her, beneath my breath, to not take the Prince’s way out.  My heart thumped painfully as she fought and fought against it.  Desperation was very high in this book but just when I thought that even I might take the Prince’s escape, Shannon would add a ray of light.

I love the angels.  I am a huge Frank Peretti fan, but I never felt as connected with his angels as I do with Canaan, Helene and the Sabres.  There’s one part in the book with Canaan where I held my breath and felt on the edge of tears.  There is so much beauty in the angels and the way that they interact with each other and with the humans.

We get to know more of the demons in this book and the insight into their thoughts was amazing.  I found myself feeling sorry for them, which I didn’t expect.

The book culminated in an incredible scene with the Prince.  I can’t say much about it because I don’t want to spoil it, but… WOW!  I didn’t know how Shannon was going to deal with the Prince, but she blew my mind in how she wrote his final scene!  Awesome!

Dark Halo is brilliantly written.  So much thought, care and love went into this series and it is just as evident in Dark Halo.   Shannon made me love her characters and I am so sad that this journey is over.  This fantastic series will be on my re-read list every year!

A great end to a wonderful ride!  Thank you Shannon for writing so wonderfully and expressively.  Thank you for making the celestial even more real for me.

I would absolutely give Dark Halo 5/5 stars!

You can check out Shannon’s Pinterest board for the Angel Eyes series here!  (I love knowing who an author thinks of for her characters!!)

You can connect with Shannon on her website, Facebook and Twitter!  She’s awesome!

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5-sets of the Angel Eyes Trilogy including Angel Eyes, Broken Wings and Dark Halo.  US only.

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Broken Wings Angel Eyes

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shannon dittemore

Shannon Dittemore is the author of the Angel Eyes Trilogy. She has an overactive 

imagination and a passion for truth. Her lifelong journey to combine the two is 

responsible for a stint at Portland Bible College, performances with local

theater companies, and a focus on youth and young adult ministry. When she 

isn’t writing, she spends her days with her husband, Matt, imagining things 

unseen and chasing their two children around their home in Northern California.

ANGEL EYES was Shannon’s debut novel and the launch of a young adult 

supernatural trilogy. It was published in the summer of 2012 by

Thomas Nelson. 

The sequel BROKEN WINGS hit shelves in February, 2013 and the final novel in the trilogy, 

DARK HALO, will be available August 20, 2013.

Thanks for coming by and visiting my stop on this awesome blog tour!  I hope that you enjoy Dark Halo as much as I did!!

*I received a complimentary e-book copy of this novel from NetGalley.  I didn’t get paid and I didn’t have to give a positive review!  My opinions are my own and this book rocks!  :)*

Have you read this amazing series by Shannon Dittemore?  Are you looking forward to reading the amazing conclusion in Dark Halo?



2 thoughts on “‘Dark Halo’ by Shannon Dittemore ~ A review and a giveaway

  1. Tanya M. says:

    I’ve never been much of a book series reader… I’m afraid to start one book and not have the time, energy, patience, etc. (I speak from experience) to keep reading the follow-up books. But after reading your review of this book, I’m anxious to get my hands on Angel Eyes. Great review, Sarah. I’m intrigued.

    • sarahssundry says:

      Thanks Tanya! I hope that you enjoy the series as much as I did! There’s a certain sadness that comes with the end of a series (and this was no exception) but it was also a beautiful end to a wonderful series! 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think when you read Angel Eyes!

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