Weather Wednesday

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and not a ton has changed.  It’s been a pretty quiet storm summer… sadly.  I know there are many who are thrilled with this and I’m grateful that we haven’t had any El Reno type tornadoes.  However, last summer was so dynamic that this one has been… well, a bit of a let down.  Thankfully, we’ve had a couple really sweet storms in the past week.

My favourite storm chaser team had been having a dry spell, but they had a pretty good storm chase a few days ago.  This is one of the coolest pictures from that chase.

Storm badlands MB

Amazing image from the Tornado Hunter Team!

I’ll make sure to include an awesome video at the bottom of this post from the Tornado Hunter team.  On Monday, a nice little storm blew in and I was able to snap a picture that I really like.  Sadly, the storm yielded nothing fun, just some rain.  However it was still a beauty to look at.

Regina storm july 22-13

Snapped on the fly from our vehicle.

Then we all got a treat yesterday in this surprising and awesome storm that blew across the province and gave me one of the coolest shows I’ve seen.  I wish that words could describe this storm accurately enough that you could all see what I saw.  I’ve never seen a storm quite like this.  I tried to capture images but my phone just isn’t up to the task.  (I will get a good camera one of these days and take a great photography class!  I will!!)  Anyhow, here’s the picture I got and a few WAY more professional and beautiful ones!

Storm Regina Jul 23-13

This one is mine and doesn’t even begin to capture the awesomeness of this storm.

Storm barn july 24-13

Another amazing image from Greg Johnson (Tornado Hunter)

Chris Graham supercell3

A great capture by Chris Graham

Here’s a video of the rope tornado that team Tornado Hunter caught up to this weekend.

Hoping for some more updates with some awesome storms in the weeks to come.  Wish us luck!

How has your storm season been?  Have you had a ton of huge storms?  Do you like storms or hate them?



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