Amazing Weather Wednesday

I’m pretty sure that most of the chasers that I mention on here wouldn’t miss it if I never mentioned them again, but I believe in what they are doing and want them to know it.  Also, I love seeing more and learning more about the weather so I’ll keep posting about it.

I’m sure most, if not all, of you know that it’s gotten pretty crazy in the central US this past week.  Today is also looking like it could get crazy in Oklahoma and Kansas.  The models are pointing to a potentially explosive tornado outbreak.  But, since I’m just new at this, I’ll let the experts give you the information you need.  I’d like to post a few videos from this past few weeks and then include links to each of the chasers websites.

This is the team that I would love to one day be able to chase with.  Greg Johnson, Ricky Forbes and Chris Chittick from team Tornado Hunter.  If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know all about these guys.  (I post about them a lot.)  If not, check them out here.  This is a video from the day that forever change Moore, OK.

Here’s another video from yesterday in Kansas.  Reed Timmer, Sean Schoffer and Dick McGowan make up the TVN team (plus a few others I don’t know) that shot this footage.  Love the looks of this tornado (especially around the 2 minute mark).  So intense!

This is possibly one of the craziest tornado intercepts I’ve ever seen.  This was posted by Brandon Ivey, a super nice chaser in the US who chases with Sean Casey in the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle).  This was Monday in Kansas and this video had my adrenaline going.

So, now you can probably see why I spend a fair bit of my blogging time on this topic.  These awesome guys (and many women) are out there chasing these storms.  Not only for the adrenalin rush (and the amazing footage) but because they want to make life safer for us and our children.

To all you amazing storm-chasers out there, thank you for all you do… and take me with you?  Please??

Here’s those links I promised:

Team Tornado Hunter


Life Feed (when data allows)

Twitter for Greg Johnson, Ricky Forbes and Chris Chittick.

Facebook site for Greg Johnson.

TVN team


Live feed (when data allows)

Twitter for Reed Timmer, Sean Schofer and Dick McGowan.

Facebook site for Reed Timmer.

TIV Team

Twitter for Brandon Ivey and Sean Casey.

Thanks for coming by to visit on this Weather Wednesday!!



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