Weather Wednesday

15_tornadohunter 2012 favorites

Here’s a very cool video from the awesome Tornado Hunter crew.  These guys are awesome.  (You can read more about Greg, Ricky and Chris here!)  Looking forward to having these awesome guys back and chasing in our province.  Also, when you’re done watching the video, click on the orange link above to see the Tornado Hunter website.  It is amazing!  I have trouble getting past the front page!  It’s intense!

Team Tornado Hunter will be travelling to Moore, OK today and will attempt to livestream what they can.  They’ll be talking about their experiences and taking questions (if data reception allows).  You can check out the livestream page here and sign-up for notifications when the event goes live.  Also, follow @canadogreg and @ChittickChris to ask questions using the hashtag #tornadohunter, or ask on the livestream chat.  Chatting with Greg is always an amazing learning experience.  I hope that you’ll join in.



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