Painful storm-chasing.

Pray for OK

Okay, so I only arm-chair chase… though I am hoping to somehow get out with a pro this year and see the sights up close and personal… though not too close!

But, it’s days like yesterday that even being an arm-chair chaser is sobering.

We wait all winter for storms to spring when storms flare up.  We watch as our favourite chasers head out and wish them a ‘safe and successful chase’.  We watch eagerly and hope for signs of a tornado… in a wide open field.

Yesterday, I saw many of my chaser friends experience the devastation of the Oklahoma tornado.  Their homes were not destroyed, but I know that they were sick on the inside as they knew something terrible was about to happen.  Some were part of rescues in Oklahoma, and some went on in the hopes of learning more about these tornadoes and helping others.  The excitement of the chase I’m sure is dampened.  I’m not trying to downplay what happened to so, so many families in Oklahoma.  I am heartbroken for those who lost loved ones and those who lost homes.  This is just a different perspective from someone who likes, on most days, to watch storms in action.

I am hoping and praying for a calm weather day for Oklahoma today… or at least that the storms will be minor.  Praying for peace and restoration for all those affected in Oklahoma and for rest for the chasers as well.  Be safe out there!



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