Noel: Two week update!

Happy Two Week Birthday Noel!


Two weeks ago, God blessed Caleb and Alex with a beautiful baby girl.  The doctors had no hope for her… yet, here she is!!  You know why?

Because our God is a God of hope!!  There is always hope, because there is always God! 

He has proven himself over and over throughout history… and over and over in the life of this precious little girl.  One of Alex’s dearest friends, Jennifer, posted some beautiful thoughts on Noels name and I wanted to share it with you!

Noel WordsI watch as people visit my blog from all over the world and I know that this wonderful little girl is touching people everywhere.

Today Noel’s family is giving her an increase in formula as the nurse has advised.  Sadly, it won’t be cake or ice cream but it’s still a wonderful thing!!

Noel is too young to understand this, but we aren’t.  God… the God who placed the stars, He is using her in His plan.  I don’t know why it is under these circumstances but He is reaching out, through her, to so many.  Please continue to pray for healing and expect with me to see Him move mightily!!  Thank you again for all your prayers, are your thoughts and all that you have blessed this family with!  They are feeling your support and are so grateful!

We praise You, Lord, for these two weeks as Noel has grown!  What a blessing she is to her family and to us.  To watch You work in her life and see Your great power is so amazing.  We praise You for she is fearfully and wonderfully made!  You created her and You are sustaining her.  We trust in Your unfailing love and we know that You have a plan for Noels life.  A plan that we are watching unfold and a plan that is drawing myself and countless others closer to You.  We pray that You continue to work in her life and may she have many years with her family to come!  We pray for Your hand of healing to be on her.  Mend all of her, Father God.  Show the world Your power as so many eyes are on this little girl!  Be also with Caleb, Alex and those who are caring for her 24/7.  Please give them energy and wisdom!  Amen.

Noel26Seriously adorable!

Love, Sarah

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4 thoughts on “Noel: Two week update!

  1. Shelly Hubick says:

    May God continue to his awesome and wonderful work. Will keep praying for EVERYONE!!!

  2. Heavenly Father, Your Word tells us in Jeremiah 29 :11 You have plans for us. May Your plans continue to heal baby Noel that her light may shine bringing others to You. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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