Blessings: A Noel Update

Hello friends!  Welcome to the newest update on Noel and her family.

Noel19Noel22Noel has been having pretty good nights with usually only one fussy time.  It seems to be usually when it’s her Daddy’s turn to be with her.  Little girls and their Daddy’s!  It’s tough when she fusses as it makes it hard for her to breathe.  Still, she’s been doing well.  The health nurse visited yesterday and is really impressed with how Noel is doing.  Her respiration and heart rate are good!  Noel is also gaining weight!  She was down a bit on Friday but has gained nearly a pound!!  God is so good!

Noel20Since the hospital, Noel has been fed through a tube going into her stomach.  She eats at 7 am, 10, 1, 4 then 7pm.  It takes her an hour to eat 25 ml – that’s just over an ounce.  It’s been a slow process.  The nurse said yesterday that they can try giving her a bottle.  There was a lot of uncertainty as to how well she would do with trying to suck on the bottle.  Swallowing has also been a challenge for her too.  So, last night Noel got her first bottle…

Noel21And, she drank it like a champ!!  Actually, she drank it so fast that she freaked out her Grandma!  We are so very thankful that she took the bottle so well!  If this continues, she may be able to be weaned off the tube feeding.  Thank you God for this blessing!!  Noels family are grateful that she is doing so well but continue to ask for your prayers.  Without knowing what is going on inside of her body, there are still many questions left unanswered.

Noel family

Thank you for your prayers!  Every day we are seeing miracles with Noel.  We know that the Lord has a plan for her and believe that it will be a long life with her family.  We are still beseeching the Lord for total healing of Noel.  That He would make her heart whole, that He would join her cerebellum, and delete that extra chromosome 3.  Go Prayer Warriors!!  Please also keep Alex in mind as she heals from surgery!

I am so awed and amazed with what God is doing for Noel and her family!  To see the continuing miracles that He is bringing to her life!  I have been brought even closer to the Lord in worship and praise as I watch this miracle unfold and I am so excited to see what God has in store for Noel and her family!

We love all of you and are so grateful for all the prayers and support for Caleb, Alex and Noel!

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Love, Sarah


8 thoughts on “Blessings: A Noel Update

  1. Tanya M. says:

    Oh Sarah, this made me smile today. Such a beautiful update on baby Noel. And that picture of her with a bottle… just so precious! God is so good! I was just wondering, how do you know this loving family? Are they friends of yours? Keeping them covered in prayer…

    • sarahssundry says:

      Thank you for the prayers Tanya! You are a blessing to me! Caleb’s father used to preach up here in Canada and we went to church there. Our family was really close before they moved to Texas over 12 years ago and have done all we can to keep in contact. Caleb is my brothers best friend! So, we totally love them!

  2. Brenda Hurley says:

    What a wonderful report on baby Noel !!! She is so beautiful — just look at all of the dark brown hair, and her dark brown eyes !!! So happy to hear of her amazing progress. Still believing for a complete miracle of healing ! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Such a miracle for God! Continuing to pray!

  4. Linda Zayas says:

    Update on the lil Champ.. the power of prayer, the power of hope, the power of love.. God bless

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