Noel Update: At home

Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog to read about Noel and the modern day miracle she is!!  You have overwhelmed me, and Noels family, with your support and prayers!  I don’t have a ton of new information but I have good news and some new photos!  🙂


Noel11This will be day two at home and she’s has two really good nights.  One fussy time each night, but what newborn doesn’t?  There was a beautiful photo shoot yesterday and it looked like she was a great sport through it all!

Noel9I love this one!  God’s little princess.  She’s also got the whole family (and me) wrapped around her little finger.

Noel is being tube fed at the moment and that is going well.  She already looks like she’s filling out and getting bigger!
Noel10Thank you for all your prayers!  Please keep them coming.  We’re hoping for continued miracles and that Noel can live a long and happy life with her family.

We give all praise and glory to God for Noels 5th day and pray that it will be a blessed one!


Father God, thank you for Noel!  Thank you for sustaining her in these 5 days.  Thank you for each moment that she has with her family.  I pray for healing, Lord.  That you would reach out and make her whole.  That you would give her a long life full of glorifying you as her parents are.  Bless her Father, we pray!  We praise you for the work you are doing in her life, and in the lives of those around her and around the world that are being touched.  Thank you that we can come together as a community of believers and raise this precious little girl up.  You are an awesome God and we worship you!  Amen!

Caleb’s aunt and uncle have set up a foundation for Caleb and Alex, to help relieve some of the stress of finances.  I am including the information for anyone who can help out this beautiful family.  We continue to ask for prayer because that is so important to us (and more than enough in Caleb and Alex’s eyes)!  If you can help out, even with a few dollars, please click on the green link below.  We are so grateful for anything you can give!!  We want to continue to bless this family!!  Thank you so much!

Caleb, Alex and Noel fund! <————————- 🙂

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Love, Sarah


17 thoughts on “Noel Update: At home

  1. Brenda Hurley says:

    She is a wee doll, and absolutely beautiful ! What a miracle !!! God is SO good !!!

  2. Laura Xochitl Lugo says:

    Me uno a tu preciosa oración . AMEN!

  3. ivone says:

    She has all of us wrapped around her finger! Keep fighting Noel, we continue to pray and believe that God will heal you!

  4. smohman says:

    I know you don’t know me but I heard about your story a couple of weeks ago from a friend. I have been praying ever since. She is beautiful and brings a smile to my face and to my heart. God’s precious miracle.

  5. Tami says:

    I can’t wait to meet Noel and you two! I have been praying steady for Jesus to awaken ‘life’ through Noel. Life in physical terms & spiritual. Jesus is all power, and I thank him for Noel’s life and testimony on this National Day of Prayer ♥

  6. ashley jenny says:

    praying for you all! she is so beatiful!

  7. Grace Myers says:

    Ever since my husband Mike Myers told me about Noel’s condition, early in the pregnancy, our whole family has been praying. Now we thank God and praise Him for what He has done. I wanted to share one of the many songs I worship Him with because this particular song has been the one I have resieved so many miracles with. It’s a group that started at my daughters church in Redding Ca. The group is Jesus Culture and the song is Break Every Chain. I worship God with all my heart as I sing this song and He loves it! My daughter in Redding has all her friends from her school of ministry praying for Noel. May God bless you all and may you all feel His presence at all times! 🙏

  8. […] Here are the other posts for Noel: Noel at home […]

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