Modern Day Miracles



Meet Noel!  We love this little girl!  She was born on Friday morning and already has a remarkable story.  Let me start at the beginning.

This story starts like many others.  Boy meets girl.  Boy asks girl out.  Boy and girl fall in love and they get married.  Pretty soon afterwards, they find out they are expecting.  It’s a beautiful story.  One that we tell and re-tell and re-tell in books and movies.  Love.


We all enjoy a good love story.  Yep, even you guys out there!  Admit it.

This is where the story takes a different turn in the life of this couple.  The ultrasound reveals that their precious little one has a fight ahead of her.  Already, before she is even born, their little girl is facing some huge hurdles.  She is diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  I’m not a doctor but this basically means that the left ventricle of her heart was, and is, severely underdeveloped.  This means that the blood cannot be pumped properly from that side to the lungs and organs.  This leaves the right ventricle to pump blood to both lungs.  This is not something that the heart can keep up for long.  Also, an amniocentesis shows that Noel has a duplicate chromosome 3.  I don’t know all the details but it’s not a good thing.  She would require many surgeries and a heart transplant would be necessary.  However, because of the extra chromosome, she would not be eligible to receive one.

I’ve never been in these shoes, but I can imagine that this would be painful, hard and worrisome news for any couple.  Caleb and Alex, however, are not just any couple.  I’m sure they had their times of concern and worry but they chose to stand up and say “For God, anything is possible.  We will believe in a miracle.”  This is the banner waved over Noel since the news was known.  So, we prayed and believed with this amazing couple as they awaited the due date of their baby girl.

Friday morning: Noel arrives!!  At 4 pounds 1 ounce, we finally could put a face to this beautiful little girl we’d been praying for, and we are already in love with her!



The doctors had told Caleb and Alex to expect no more than a few hours with their precious Noel.  Indeed, she came out more purple than usual due to the lack of oxygen.  She breathed, she fought to do so, but she did it.  Each breath in and out.  Each of us breathing in and out.  Waiting.  Praying.  Hoping.  Crying.  Laughing.  Photos coming from the hospital room.  The very first family photo.  A very sweet and special moment where Noel is baptised by her Grandfather.  Family surrounding her with love.  Hours pass.

At this point I’m practically glued to my computer (since Noel and her family are 2,300km away).  Updates come frequently and I’m afraid to miss even a single one.  Her vitals decline and then… silence.  Nothing is posted and nothing is said.  I’m going stir-crazy but I spend each breath praying.  I call and text and message everyone I can think of to get prayer going.

Finally, news arrives.  It’s been 8 hours and the doctors are amazed that she’s fighting.  A miracle!  She’s eating and just generally being a baby.  Her breathing begins to improve a little and her heart-rate steadies.  Photo’s flow and we watch this beautiful little life being held and cuddled by those who love her so much.  Updates continue.  Hours pass.  Hours that the doctors didn’t imagine she would have, but that we all believed in.  Around the world, people pray for Noel.  Hearts are touched by her story, by the faith shown by those who love her… by the miracle that she is!  An update two nights ago from Alex said:

“Caleb and I would like to say THANK YOU for all your love and prayers. Our miracle Noel is a fighter! Her heart rate and breathing are at normal rate. Praise God! He is our healer, Jehovah Rapha. Please keep praying with us that she will be a testimony of faith, prayers, and healing.”

Heart rate and breathing are NORMAL!  Another miracle!  Woke up yesterday morning to a new update which said:

“Our Noel had a good night last night. The Lord is with her – her Rock and Her Deliverer. We do trust in Him and Praise His glorious name. Caleb and Alex have requested another Echo Cardiogram. Please pray that The Lord continues to heal her heart and that He would make right this chromosome defect. She had an extra chromosome 3 that we need the Lord to remove. Her cerebellum needs to become whole because it is in two parts. Please continue to pray for a miracle!!”

We rejoice.  We pray.  We trust.  We hope and we wait for news again.  When it arrives in the afternoon, it’s not what we want to hear.

“Another echocardiogram today showed why she has survived this long. There is a small hole in her heart that is allowing the blood to circulate regardless of the other issues. It is only a matter of time for the hole to close resulting in her passing away.

Unfortunately, due to her extensive issues, heart surgery (or any other type of intervention) is not a viable option. Caleb and Alex have elected for out-patient care at Caleb’s parents house. Baby Noel will be on hospice care around many loving family members.”

noel5Noel7Who would have ever thought that a hole in a baby’s heart would be a miracle?  She’s had days with her family, because God is working in her little body.

God is love.  God had this precious, beautiful baby girl in His heart.  God brought Caleb and Alex together and blessed their union.  He knew Noel before He created her in the womb.  He knew the struggles that she would have.  He knows what the minutes, hours and days to come hold.  He has sustained her for 3 days and I know that He can sustain her for the next 100 years.  I know He can.  I don’t know what He has planned, but I will continue to pray for Him to heal Noel until I cannot pray any more.  I refuse to let Satan even get a word in edgewise.  I will stay on my knees before the throne of the One who created Noel.  He is the one who numbers her days.  He loves her.  Noel is a beautiful testament that our God is love.  This all began with love and here, in the middle, there is love.  Wait, let me try that another way… This all began with God and here, in the middle, there is God.

From the United States to Canada to Malaysia to England, we are believing in faith and connected in prayer.  Noel has already touched so many lives!  Won’t you join us in praying for this miracle baby?  I believe that God can heal and I will continue to pray, with Caleb and Alex and their family, that He does!


Caleb’s aunt and uncle have set up a foundation for Caleb and Alex, to help relieve some of the stress of finances.  I am including the information for anyone who can help out this beautiful family.  We continue to ask for prayer because that is so important to us (and more than enough in Caleb and Alex’s eyes)!  If you can help out, even with a few dollars, please click on the green link below.  We are so grateful for anything you can give!!  We want to continue to bless this family!!  Thank you so much!

Caleb, Alex and Noel fund!<—————————– 🙂

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47 thoughts on “Modern Day Miracles

  1. Sherra Zagrodney says:

    many many prayers for Noel and many prayers for her parents. I pray that some miracle that allows Noel to grow up in this loving family and grow old. I pray that she is able to live a life. But if God has it for her to be an angel, I pray for her time here to be shared and loved by many. Let her story be told. I pray that her parents find the guidance they need during this time, and find the journey that God has set out to them. She is such a precious child of God, and human or angel, she definitely is a blessing and a miracle! love to this family and I pray they find peace in all they have encountered and all they will continue to encounter!

  2. Brenda Hurley says:

    Mon Apr 29th …. Thank-you so much Sarah, for the update. My prayers continue for wee Noel, a true miracle and gift from the Lord. Prayers are also with Caleb, Alex, and all the family. Praying for peace, and for a miraculous healing. God Bless you all.
    In Him, Brenda

  3. tarenn98 says:

    What a miracle. Beautiful baby girl Noel!

  4. Colleen says:

    This. This part here is a very important truth.
    “This all began with love and here, in the middle, there is love. Wait, let me try that another way… This all began with God and here, in the middle, there is God.”
    Thank you for the reminder.
    ❤ and even more prayers

  5. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Continuing my prayer for this sweet angel. God will allow her to stay with us until she is done ministering to others. She has already touched many hearts and souls and she won’t leave until God says her calling has been fulfilled. What a testimony! Thank you for keeping us informed, Sarah! Hugs.

  6. Tanya M. says:

    Powerful post. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I’ve been praying for precious little Noel and Caleb and Alex. I’m believing for that miracle along with you. Please let them know and keep us updated as I know full well their story is far from over. Can’t wait to see how God uses this amazing family.

  7. Flor G. Gallegos says:

    I read this post with tears in my eyes. I am a fairly new christian and have met Alex and Caleb through a friend that brought me to church and to Christ. As a new believer I cannot help but praise God for this miracle and thank Alex and Caleb so much for allowing me to be part of their lives and witness God’s greatness! As I came to the Lord I wanted to involve myself in ministry and serve Him right away. I found a home in the prayer team in my church. Right away I started seeing little prayers answered and by far Noel is the greatest one I have seen! As I changed my life around for Christ I began sharing my love for Him on facebook and had many friends not be in the same page as I was now, and that was ok, I held a few arguments with some and my heart was somewhat broken but with God’s love my heart loves for Him. As I post and share Noel’s story I find people liking my status updates that I never thought they would. I have people messaging me telling me they are praying for Noel without even knowing her or her parents, and some go tot he extent of asking their whole family to pray and even their church. Others send me txt messages for updates and to tell me they want to do something for the family, such as a free photo-shoot etc. I am amazed by that! Noel has given so much hope to so many people and God is using her to reach and soften the hearts of many. I will keep praying regardless if the circumstances and keep praising our mighty GOD! He is able, He has shown us through Noel! Keep fighting little one, God is still working in you baby! WE LOVE YOU NOEL!!!! 🙂

  8. sarahjmcb says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for this post! I have been sharing what I knew with friends (as you know) but it is so great to be able to just share your post with the whole story 🙂 So, I am sharing this and praying and I know so many of my friends are praying as well!! Please tell Alex and Caleb that Pennsylvania is praying for them 🙂

  9. Laura Xochitl Lugo says:

    Thank you for the words. Noel and you are being a blessing in many lifes.

  10. Betty Wyren says:

    GOD, if anyone in this world today is to be blessed it should be Noel, a baby, a child of Yours LORD, I give up my blessings for her. I join all the other prayers who are lifting up Noel and her parents to You, O LORD. Heal her now, LORD.

  11. Margaret Vasquez says:

    Sending lots of love and prayers…<3

  12. DeAnna Archuleta says:

    The Archuleta family is praying for a miracle to happen to heal baby Noel’s heart and make it whole and beat all the odds she truly is a miracle and Alex and Caleb are the best parents out there for this beautiful baby girl and deserve a chance to share their love with her. God is the almighty and he is truly the miracle maker only time will tell but our prayers go out to all the family and Lauren sends kisses to baby Noel she too a 6 year old little girl is saying her daily prayers for her ❤

  13. Alison Morris says:

    Love and prayers sent up to our heavenly Father who cares more than any of us can imagine. May He bless Noel and her family!

  14. Amanda Wright Ponce de Leon says:

    Caleb, Alex, & Family,
    My heart and prayers go out to you. May God continue to give you and beautiful Noel strength and bless you always.

  15. Gail Becker says:

    Thank you Sarah for developing the Baby Noel blog. It is a great way to forward the snippets of facebook and other entries to others who can and will pray but perhaps are not connected through fb. I am carrying this little one and her family in my heart, as so many are. Prayer and God are HUGE.

    • sarahssundry says:

      I’m so glad that I can share Noels journey with whoever may come by the blog. 🙂 I know not everyone is on FB and even fewer are friends with me, but I am so glad this blog is getting to many people. Thank you for praying!! I know that Noel’s family is so grateful… and so am I!

  16. Ricki says:

    Hello! My niece, Christa Horst, sent me the prayer request for Baby Noel. I manage a prayer circle in Colorado Springs called Ricki’s Angels. There are 20 of us in the circle, all ages and we say that we are a 24 hour prayer group because those of us who are menapausal, don’t sleep at night so we are praying! We have been praying for Noel and her entire family since the day she arrived and we are claiming a miracle for Noel, whatever God chooses it to be. Thank you for the privledge of being part of Noel’s life and whatever wonderful blessings come from that life. Lots of love, Rev. Ricki Horst

  17. Shan says:

    We are praying in Ireland for beautiful baby Noel, her family and her friends. May He continue to bring you strength and love. She has touched so many hearts. Thank-you Sarah for introducing her to all of us. xxx

  18. avalemert says:

    If I can write this through my tears let me get these words down: little Noel. She is a FIGHTER, look at her tiny hands, the peaceful look of determination and God-Given inner strength. Noel, the name, the Miracle of Miracles. Love never leaves, is worth fighting for, Noel fights and she is Victorious. Keep fighting tiny girl, you lift us all up, proof that life even one that is so new can make a whole world unite. I’m planning on seeing a photo of her with her 1st birthday cake all over her pretty face 🙂 Love, Prayers to Caleb, Alex & sweet Noel.

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  20. Jayne Pynes says:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I shared this on facebook, and I asked that my friends pray and, if possible, donate to help. Could you link the donation site on this page, too? Praying for Noel and her family.

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