Weather Wednesday


I was watching the US storm chasers last week and it made me crazy when I woke up to more snow this morning here!  I just want summer and storm season to begin.  I miss seeing my favourite storm chasers out there looking for storms in my neck-of-the-woods.  I’m sure that it’s killing them even more that this seems to be the winter that never ends.  I can’t wait for the update that says that Greg Johnson, Ricky Forbes, Chris Chittick and Craig Hilts are heading out to chase at last!


Greg Johnson
(Tornado Hunter)

RFD Ricky

Ricky Forbes
(Notanee Bourassa can be seen plotting in the background)

Chris Chittick

Chris Chittick

Craig Hilts

Craig Hilts

I’ve spent years being afraid of summer storms and this is the first year and I am excited to get some rolling through.  You know when you have an itch right in the middle of your back and it’s impossible to reach on your own.  That’s a bit how I feel.  Watching that first local chase will scratch it for me!  So, since I can’t see a storm for the moment… here are some pictures that are seeing me thorough until this years storm season begins!

storm29 storm33 storm34The photo’s above are all by Greg Johnson!

(click on the photos above to go to Greg’s website!!)

craig barn craig storm2 Craig storm craig storm1And these fantastic images are by Craig Hilts!

(click on any photo of his to go to his website!!)

Now, you can see why I am so very eager to get to storm season.  Not only is watching these guys chase an adrenalin rush, it’s also amazing to watch such beauty and power contained in a storm!!  The power of a tornado is breathtaking and I’ve only ever seem them on the computer.  I can’t imagine how awe inspiring they are in person.

Roll on storm season!!

(GREG, RICKY, CHRIS and CRAIG: If anything needs to be changed, or you want it changed, just let me know and I’ll fix it!!  Thanks!)

Do you like storms?  Do you hate storms?  I’ve been in both boats and this new boat is way more fun!  Check my post here to see how my view of storms was radically changed!!



10 thoughts on “Weather Wednesday

  1. I am the guy looking down at the laptop plotting our next movie while Ricky is driving there in Ricky’s photo! Ricky you rebel!

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for making this post Sarah. I love it that you are such a fan. Cheers and bring on the storms!

  3. I love, love, LOVE storms! In Houston, we have incredibly intense thunderstorms. (We also have hurricanes, but that’s another matter.)

    I didn’t realize many other parts of the world get rain and a little lightning and rumbling here and there–but nothing like what we get in Houston–until I moved away. I missed my Houston thunderstorms like crazy!

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