The Vulnerability of Writing.

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The fear is beginning to creep in.  It’s dark, taunting, oozing fingers wrapping around my bravery.

(thank you for the visual Shannon Dittemore)

I didn’t realize as I wrote my book that there was going to be so much vulnerability involved.  I should have.  I have dreams of my book being enjoyed by a few… hundred… thousands… millions… okay I’m get carried away.

So much emotion goes into writing a book.  Now, as I glimpse the end of the editing process, I know the next step is my awesome beta-readers.  I know that they love me.  Most are family and very close friends but there are a few that I haven’t even met in person.  It doesn’t matter, in my head, if the reader is my Mom or a dear FB friend… this book holds a lot of me.  I let my sister-in-law read it as I went and that was nerve-racking enough.

To have my creation in the hands of others is daunting but necessary if I want to move forward.

It’s not like the book is my life laid bare, my autobiography of failures and triumphs.  However, it feels almost as personal.  I have to prepare for criticism.  I have to prepare for the possibility that some, hopefully not all, may not care for it even though I think it’s great.  It feels like I am putting my heart out there, bare and vulnerable.

I’ve been burnt before when laying my heart bare and doing it again is scary.  I do it often in life.  I do it with my husband, my kids, my family and my friends.  So, because I believe that I wrote this for a reason, I will put my heart out there again.  It may be in for a lashing (I may have trouble with criticism) or it may double in size at the encouraging words.  Either way, with each book I hand out to those I trust to help, a little bit of me goes with it.

A tiny part of me in sort of exhilarated too.   A step of bravery and trust.  Here’s hoping that my heart comes back full.

I’d guess I’d be okay with slightly-singed too…


Any fellow writers out there that have been here before?  Any words of advice/encouragement for me?


2 thoughts on “The Vulnerability of Writing.

  1. Tanya M. says:

    You go, girl! I totally admire you. I hope to be in that same place one of these days. Praying for you through the process.

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