Five Minute Friday ~ Rest

by seyed mostafa zamani1


Rest.  Boy, do I need it.

I’ve been fighting off a cold, tooth and nail, and it’s just not letting go.  I have the ‘am I sick or am I not sick’ syndrome.  Some nights, like tonight, I feel wretched.  Last night, I felt not too bad.  This has been going on for about four days.  This tug-of-war between my determination and the germs within.

My life is crazy busy.  Not that I run around all the time, taking kids to twelve different events, but just the normal every day stuff.  I teach, I comfort, I mediate, I cook, I clean, I read (the same books over and over), and the list goes on and on.  Most days I feel pretty okay with it all.  Lately though, I feel like I’m running behind all the time.  Especially as my body says ‘Sit, you silly girl, and rest‘.  So I sit, because the only other option is to fall down.  As I read to the kids or watch their adorable shenanigans, my eyes snap to the dust… the piles of paper… the jam on the table from breakfast and I feel an urgency rise in my chest.

This all has to be done!  NOW!

Sometimes I have to take a breath and let chaos reign.  Sometimes I need to just sit, though the clutter creeps into my eyesight and taunts me with visions of lost children in the piles.  Seriously my house isn’t that bad, but you know the clutter that just makes you want to scream because you deal with it and again it multiplies overnight…. you know that feeling right?

More often than not, the piles can wait.  The clutter will not eat my children.  The jam will not spoil and leak toxins into the air while I sit for twenty minutes.  All these things can wait.  Wait until my body stops screaming for rest, wait until my kids are quietly (or not) occupied with something that has captured their imagination.  For now, it is more important to give my body with rest it needs and my kids the attention they deserve.  The house can wait.

Jesus said “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  I’m ready, Lord!  Please, give me rest.


Thanks for coming by and checking out my post.  Want to get in on the awesomeness that is Five Minute Friday?

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When was the last time you gave yourself a ‘rest’?  Are you in need of one?



9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday ~ Rest

  1. Tanya M. says:

    Yep, sit to keep from falling, and let chaos reign. I hear ya! And I thought only my cleaned clutter piles multiplied nightly. Thank goodness we know where to turn for rest. 🙂 Praying you fight that cold off once and for all.

  2. sarahssundry says:

    Thanks Tanya! I’m going to do my best and trust God for the rest. 🙂

  3. betttimace says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah! We always have so many things going on, we cannot take time to just rest! Hopefully your cold will stay away, and the clutter will take care of itself (sort of)…lol

  4. Many times our bodies seem to force us to rest–by getting sick–when we don’t take the rest ourselves. Stress can be toxic–and nonstop energy expenditure breeds stress. Sleep, rest, and let others take care of YOU for a change.


  5. Janis Cox says:

    HI there,
    I hope by now that you have really rested and let your body heal. It seems like forever whenever we are sick – but it is a good time to listen to God – breathe in His Spirit.
    Thanks for commenting at He Cares for Us. For some reason you ended up in the spam. -sorry.

    • sarahssundry says:

      No worry at all Janis!
      I’m trying to get better by focusing on what my body is telling me… and I’m trusting God to give me the rest.
      Thank you for coming by! 🙂

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