History in the Making

Cmdr_Hadfield: Mar 4~"Tonight's Finale: The Moon, newly risen, perfect over a flowing blanket of cloud."

Cmdr_Hadfield: Mar 4~
“Tonight’s Finale: The Moon, newly risen, perfect over a flowing blanket of cloud.”

Did you know that today history will be made?  High above,  for the very first time ever, a Canadian is poised to take over command of the International Space Station.

Photograph by James Blair

Photograph by James Blair

Commander Chris Hadfield will have the keys handed to him of the approximately 990,000 lb station this afternoon at 5:10pm ET.  The only other space station commander who wasn’t American or Russian was Frank De Winne of Belgium in 2009.

I’ve really enjoyed following Commander Hadfield on Twitter since he tweeted a picture of my city from the ISS.  He tweets so many pictures and often will tweet videos of himself explaining how things work in space.  It’s been so educational and I’m excited for him today.  

Cmdr_Hadfield: 18 hrs~"Tonight's finale: Canadarm2, poised on the edge of night. Big day tomorrow! "

Cmdr_Hadfield: 18 hrs~
“Tonight’s finale: Canadarm2, poised on the edge of night. Big day tomorrow! “

Below I’ll include some of my favourite images that the Commander has tweeted!  If you want to get to Commander Hadfield’s Twitter page, just click his picture above.  There you can browse all the photos that he’s taken.  It’s amazing to see the detail they can get from way up there!

Cmdr_Hadfield: Mar 1~"Tonight's Finale: Two spaceships beautifully blocking the view of Canada's East coast at sunset."

Cmdr_Hadfield: Mar 1~
“Tonight’s Finale: Two spaceships beautifully blocking the view of Canada’s East coast at sunset.”

Cmdr Hadfield Manila

Cmdr_Hadfield: Mar 5~
“Tonight’s Finale: At long last – Manila, capital of the Philippines,
delicately shining in the night.”

Cmdr Hadfield NL

Cmdr_Hadfield: Feb 11~
“Tonight’s finale: Northern Lights – recent aurora in green and red waves,
USA and Canada below, the universe above.”

Cmdr Hadfield Siberia

Cmdr_Hadfield: Feb 26
“Tonight’s Finale: Lake Baikal, Siberia. Immensely old and deep,
it holds one-fifth of all the Earth’s fresh water.”

I had no idea that a lake in Siberia holds one-fifth of Earth’s fresh water!  WOW!  

It happened!!  I just caught the very end (thankfully) but here’s a picture I snagged off my computer as I watched.  (sorry the picture isn’t better!)

CONGRATULATIONS COMMANDER HADFIELD on being the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station!

Commander Hadfield makes history

Have you been following Commander Hadfield on Twitter?  Do you have a favourite photo?  Would you go to space if given the chance?



10 thoughts on “History in the Making

  1. shayfabbro says:

    How exciting! I’d love to go into space someday 🙂

  2. shayfabbro says:

    Reblogged this on Dr. Shay West aka Dr. Shay Fabbro aka Dr. FAB! and commented:
    I’d LOVE to go into space! What about you guys???

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  4. Chaplain Debbie says:

    Nah,, I’d prefer staying on Earth…gorgeous pictures!

  5. betttimace says:

    Great blog! I want to share this on FB, but I am not quite sure how to do that.

    • sarahssundry says:

      Thanks so much for checking it out and for liking my post. 🙂 If you’d still like to share it, right under my name at the end of the post there are buttons for FB/Twitter etc… You can click the FB one and it should post it for you! (Let me know if you still have trouble!)

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