Five Minute Friday: Afraid

Well, it’s Friday again (Yay!) and you know what that means!  It’s Five Minute Friday!  Here’s how you can get involved, it’s so easy and so much fun (even with the tough words).  I’ll post the link below so you can join in too.  🙂

5-minute Friday1. Write for 5 minutes flat, for pure unedited love of the written word.

2. Link back to the Five Minute Friday blog and invite others to join in.

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by wonderferret

It began with a scream.  A desperate sound that ripped at my heart and tore me from sleep.

My little girl was screaming in her sleep.

Even now it has the power to bring tears to my  eyes.  As I comforted her she looked at me with wide eyes and I wiped away her tears… and my own.  How do you explain a nightmare to a child?  Just a bunch of random memories/thoughts that coalesce into terror?  It’s been months since she had one of these dreams and I hope they never happen again.

As I held her and helped her calm down, I realized that I too was afraid.  Afraid that I wasn’t cutting it as a Mom.  Afraid that I wasn’t giving her what she needed to be happy and healthy.  Afraid that, somehow, I was the cause of this fear… manifested in a nightmare.

I prayed with her and tucked her in tightly, with kisses and reminders that she is so loved.  Then I crawled back into bed.  Laying awake I remind myself, as I had reminded her, that we don’t need to be afraid.  I love that whenever I say ‘You don’t need to be afraid’ she always gets this beautiful, confident smile on her face and says ‘Because Jesus is with me!’

Even if I drop the ball as a Mom a zillion times a day, she still knows that Jesus never will.


Do you want to get in on Five Minute Friday?  It’s so simple and a really fun way to end a week!  If you decide to give it a try, please let me know so that I can come visit your blog and spend a few minutes on Friday with you.  Click here to get the word of the week and to get to know some awesome people!

Thanks for coming to visit!  I hope you’ll come back again.



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Afraid

  1. Oh, those mama worries about being all that they need. Love the way you ended it with the knowledge that He is with us and that is enough. Nice to meet you through FMF.

    • sarahssundry says:

      As a Mom, your little ones rotate around you as though you are their sun. It’s hard to remember that God should be that to them. I shouldn’t be everything to them, only He should.
      I so enjoy meeting more FMF friends! Thanks for coming by! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment on my post.
    I love that she knows “Because Jesus is with me”
    I need to start saying that out loud with a smile on my face.
    From the mouth of babes . . .
    Thank you

    • sarahssundry says:

      Thank you for coming to visit my blog Rebekah! I find it very assuring when my kids say it to me with a smile on their faces. Often they say it at the perfect time – when I need the reminder.

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