Creating… and after that… you’ve been following this blog for sometime, you know that I’ve been working on a novel.  I’ve put together many stories in my years (I’m not that old!) but they were always 10 pages, 32 page, 88 pages… you get the point.  I never completed them.  They were outlets for how I was feeling on whatever day I wrote them.  So, they are disjointed and tend to leap about in emotion.  As an emotional reader I know that the torrent of feelings would leave readers feeling whiplashed!  Hence the reason they will sit unfinished.  A monument to hours and years of practice.

All leading to this day….

Okay, in all fairness ‘this day’ actually occurred on December 22nd but you know how those days around Christmas can be.

On December 22nd, I wrote the epilogue to my book and was able to finally type the words ‘The End‘.  I have a beginning, a middle AND an end!  A childhood dream… realized!

What a wonderful feeling.  A sensational feeling.  A flying feeling.  A sense of sunshine and warmth.

Followed closely by a deep sigh and a bitter-sweetness like honey with a bite of lemon.  For now, this creation part is mostly complete and I already kind of miss it.

Creation is only just the first part of the process and I’ve already begun to delve into the deliciousness of editing.  I am hopeful that down the road, my book may be available to a larger audience.  For now though, I’m working one step at a time and trying not to get too far ahead of myself.  I’m enjoying the process so much!

Next will be to find an editor.  That part scares me… and yet thrills me.

Thank-you to you, my dear friends, who have offered me advice and encouragement (either on here, FB, Twitter or in person)!  Without you, the process would be no where near as fun!

Wish me luck!  (please?)


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2 thoughts on “Creating… and after that…

  1. Best wishes as you progress to the next stage in the creative process that will see you bring a book out into the world.

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