I’ve Been Slimed!

Pissed Off

So, I really do enjoy YouTube.

I have lists of music to listen to when I am writing and it is awesome!

My husband and children watch Disney movies and it’s wonderful to see them all crowded around the computer enjoying videos from our childhood.

My husband and I enjoy watching fail’s together.

We do this pretty often.  I write daily and so I am always on YouTube.  I’ve had no trouble with it at all.  In fact, just this week I added it to my bookmark bar since I am there a lot.  The only thing that irritates me usually is the ads before some of the videos, but even that I have learnt to live with.  Until today.

Today, the beautiful Bon Iver rendition of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ ended and a new song queued up.  I was writing and usually just ignore the ads so I don’t have to switch screens.  Well, today I was in for a surprise… and not the ‘Yay, what a wonderful surprise‘ kind!  The ad started and within about 10 seconds I got slammed with an F bomb and then a disgusting comment that was more appropriate for a website that has a 18+ warning before it.  I’ve seen these warning show up on YouTube before but the warning for this was absent!  I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  So stunned was I that it took me an additional few seconds to switch and get it shut off.  In that time I was subjected to more filth than I usually hear in 2 months!  

I sat stunned, looking at my computer and feeling violated.  This is YouTube.  There are no ‘let me into this site because I am old enough’ warnings that you have to click through at the beginning.  ANYONE can use YouTube!  I am beyond grateful that this ad happened to show up while I was listening to music alone.  I guarantee that I would be WAY more pissed off if my kids had been subjected to it!

Now, before you jump on me, I know that the internet is filled with crap.  I don’t like it, but I know that.  I don’t visit those sites that you have to worry about age warnings on.  At least I didn’t think I did.

A wonderful, little known feature about YouTube is that you can turn on something called safety mode.  YAY, except that you can hardly play anything at all with this feature turned on.  Trying to watch a perfectly appropriate ad by Nick Offerman about Movember and it won’t let me because it thinks I might be offended.

Contrary to what YouTube (and possibly some of you) think , I am NOT a prude.

This ad that sickened me today wouldn’t be allowed in a children’s movie, twilight movie, or even most grown-up movies… and yet it was here for my 2 year old to see!!  This was something one should have to go to one of those special movie stores for.

I am so disappointed at the terrible decision YouTube made with choosing to have this as one of their ads.  Be careful out there, all you parents who use YouTube with your kids, this would be an ad that would require a lot of explaining.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash off the filth.



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