Desperately seeking a bad name!


That sounds alarming, but it’s really not.

I am writing a book.  I know, you’re all shocked!  Especially those of you who follow my blog since I never talk about my book.

Well, I could use your help.  I need a name for my ‘bad guy’.  It’s modern-ish so I’m not looking for something like Voldemort or R2D2.  (can I be sued for posting those??)

I am looking for a hard, harsh sounding name.

Think of a vile, contemptuous and truly evil human being.  I have a picture of this guy in my head but I can’t even tell you what the picture is or I risk inhibiting your name ideas.

If you can help me out by suggesting one, or two…. or ten name ideas, I would appreciate it.

I’ve already changed it twice (wait, three times) in an attempt to find just the right one.

Thank-you for helping me keep what is left of my sanity!



6 thoughts on “Desperately seeking a bad name!

  1. riemkusa says:

    Just to spitball some: Cull, Kojibra, Festemen, Twerv, Mank, Qurebus, Ruarn…

  2. shayfabbro says:

    Are you looking for first and last or just first? Does your book have some sort of mythological background you have been using for other names? Is it fantasy? Modern day? Eeek the writer in me is coming out 😉

  3. sarahssundry says:

    First only Shay. The main characters are Kate and Chris. It’s not modern day but it’s not ancient day either. haha, does that help? Thanks for clarifying!

  4. Brandy says:

    When I read this I thought of Devin first…no real just came to me! 🙂

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