Encouragement for the Exhausted

By Megyarsh

Ever had a day where everything goes horribly, horribly wrong?  You wonder ‘why in the world did I bother getting up?’  You are pretty sure that in the next moment you will either whine, scream or just plain break into tears.  Or maybe you’ve already passed that point and are just curled up in the corner in the fetal position and repeating over and over ‘Where’s the ESCAPE key?!’

I could offer a million words of encouragement, but this does it better:

Encouragement for the Exhausted.

I hope you will feel encouraged wherever you are and whatever your current stage of exhaustion.

So tell me, what is your favourite way to beat exhaustion? My Mom would say ‘just sleep Sarah’ but my preferred method is a book and a delicious treat.  sigh.  That actually sounds like a really good idea.



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