To Stay-at-Home Warriors

We are.  Admit it, you know it!

This is an amazing job but, oh my goodness, it can be an intensely trying one too.  The main reason is that it really never ends.  This is a 24/7 job.  Where most people get to leave their job and head home, our home is our job.  Not even when we are sleeping do we get a break.  Well, I suppose that depends on how old the kids are.  Mine are all still prone to wake me up from time to time.

It get’s even better when all the kids wind up sick at the same time.  Not only is there whining and fighting.  There’s so much nose wiping that you wonder if it would be better to permanently attach a handkerchief to your sleeve.  Better than running back and forth for a tissue.  Wait!  You don’t use a handkerchief?  Oh my, though the idea can be revolting to some, it is a life saver in our house.  Handkerchiefs lead to less soreness on the little noses and therefore less whining about said sore noses.  When little ones are already feeling cruddy, it’s nice when we’re not adding to it.

That handkerchief thing was a little side note…. I guess.  🙂

If you are a stay-at-home (SAH) Mom, I salute you.  (I know you working Mom’s have it tough too, all these things still happen when you get home.)

Being a SAH Mom is a commitment to your kids and your family that no one can make lightly.

There will be times when you:

~just want to go out for supper, since making 3 a day can get tiring, but it’s not in the budget.  So you take a deep breath and forge on making something wonderful for your family.

~think that you can’t take even 1 more crying, screaming moment from your kids who just can’t get along.  So you take a deep breath and respond in sweetness when the next one starts wailing.

~don’t want to hear the word ‘NO’ come out of your mouth one more time… but for the good of your kids you take a deep breath and say it calmly instead of yelling it.

~are at the end of your day and the end of your rope and one (or more) kids throws up all over the place.  You will take a deep breath, scream into a pillow and go to soothe your sick baby.

~cry out to God for strength to make it just 1 more minute.

That makes it sound all so tough, but the toughness is nothing compared to the AWESOMENESS!!

Photo by Weird Beard

There will be many more times when you:

~think that you can’t take 1 more crying moment, and then your little one toddled up to you and says (for the first time) “wuv oo”.

~think that you said ‘NO’ so many times in the day that the kids had zero fun moments, then you overhear that the kids feel they had a ‘awesome day with Mom’.

~are cleaning up throw-up for the 7th time of the day and your sick little one says ‘Thanks Mom, you take good care of me.’

~come across all your kids playing nicely together and they keep at it for over an hour.

~are making supper and your child will come up and ask to give you a hug.  Also included in that hug request is a kiss and a ‘love you Mom.’

~get to spend the day in your pj’s with your kids.

~get to snuggle a little one to sleep.

~watch them sleeping peacefully.

~see them smile or, better yet, laugh uncontrollably.

~watch them discover something awesome about this world.

~get to see their eyes light with excitement when the garbage truck comes.

~watch an old cartoon that used to make you laugh and share a laugh with them.

~realize that God has called you to this job.  To teach them and help them grow.  And, He will give you ALL that you need to make every day matter.

Every moment of this ride has the potential to be amazing or the toughest moment to date.  Fortunately, the amazing and awesome moments far outweigh the tough ones.  I have never heard of anyone who regretted being at home with their kids.

For you, dear friends, who are having a day where you’ve said ‘NO’ 10,000,000 times.  Or there’s been screaming from the moment the kids got up.  Simple solution: just stop screaminghaha.  Seriously though, take heart.  We all have days like that and they always end.  Remember to look at those little ones and marvel at the wonder they are.  So many people out there would love to be where you are.  (I heard you say ‘today they can have it!‘)  Remember that every day could be your last with them.  Savour it.  Treasure it.  Make every day an adventure.  The house will wait!  When you feel you can’t take one more second: take a deep breath, send up a prayer for strength, and read this amazing letter!!

What do you do when you feel that you can’t take another moment?  I would love it if you would encourage others by commenting.


4 thoughts on “To Stay-at-Home Warriors

  1. Nicely put Sarah … I enjoyed reading your blog and I hope it inspires other SAH moms. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  2. Carmen W says:

    A hankie? Also known in my house as my pants or shirt sleeve 🙂

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