Creative Inspiration

“The secret to telling every story starts with this: realize that all stories begin as unseen, unmanifested potentiality that becomes actuality through intention and devotion.”

~Kevin Kaiser

I love reading a wonderful blog. There are so many talented people out there who know so much. They blog to inspire us, as we blog to inspire them.  If we can all be inspired by the creativity of others, we can soar to higher heights.  If you are a writer, like me, these are wonderful blogs about writing!  (Wow, I just said ‘blog’ way too many times… blog, blog, blog)  Sorry, anyhow, I wanted to share them because they have really helped me, and will continue to I’m sure.

How about you, my writing friends?  Have a blog that you love, that inspires you?  Maybe you blog about writing… let me know about it! We’re all in this creative world together!  😀



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